Partner program is one of our business services for printed graphic t-shirt sellers. Through this program sellers can sell graphic t-shirts without investing and without handling the actual products. Instead of the sellers, we are the ones who keep inventory, silk screen print graphic designs, pack and ship to their customers. We offer lowest possible fee for our service so that the sellers stay competitive.
If you sell printed t-shirts, you can be our partner. Your store can be at Shopee, Lazada, Facebook, other website or offline store. If you do, APPLY to be our partner.
No. Partnership applies to all your stores. Once you are approved as our partner, you do not have to apply again for another store of yours.
Yes, it's a type of dropshipping. But with our "Partner program" you are not simply a sales outlet for a manufacturer. You are in full control of your store: products, pricing, marketing, customers, shippers and manufacturers(us).
This is print-on-demand. We print only when you order. And you pay us only when you have sales. But if you prefer to keep pre-prined shirts in your inventory, you can do that as long as you pay.
Here are our stores as samples. You can have your own stores like these without handling the actual products at all: SHOPEE store / LAZADA store
There is no contract period. You can end partnership with us any time for any reason. Likewise, we can end partnership with any seller any time for any reason. Through "Partner program" we want to grow together with our partners. We do our part by offering special price and quality for our partners. And we reserve the right to revoke partnership with members who are not active. Here is the "Agreement" that any applicant must agree to be our partner:

Our Service
We offer silk screen printing service. We provide Gildan brand t-shirts. We pack your orders in your name and ship them out directly to your customers. We only offer industry standard professional silk screen printing. We don't do any heat press stuff.

T-shirt Price
Our price is 170 pesos per shirt. This includes Gildan 100% cotton premium t-shirts, silk screen printing and packing. T-shirt are 100% cotton in adult unisex and ladies styles. T-shirt colors are black and white. T-shirt sizes are Small, Medium, Large and XL.

Screen Fees
Price of one wooden frame with exposed design is 500 pesos. You own the screen. Price to re-expose a different design after deleting the existing design is 300 pesos. Each screen represents each color of a design. In case you are no longer our partner seller, we ship your screen to your address at your expense.

Shipping Cost
Our price does not include shipping cost. You must setup your shipping company and their service on your own or through Shopee, Lazada or other websites. You must arrange pick-up or drop-off so that we can process your orders. You must pay shipping company for all the shipping charges including for the returns and failed delivery.

Minimum Order Quantity
We do not require minimum order quantities. We process even 1 t-shirt orders.

Store and Products
You must have at least one active store that sells printed t-shirts (Shopee/Lazada/Facebook/Other Website or Offline). For the products that we process, they must follow our PRODUCT SKU system. And for those products, you must assign us as your order pickup location. Or you must allow us to drop-off those orders at any drop-off station. You must send us order file, shipping label file and design file(for your own designs) for us to begin processing.

You must make payment to us through G-cash, PayMaya or bank transfer before we begin processing your orders. Exact amount will be notified to you within 1 hour after we receive your order file during work hours. For faster processing, you must let us know if payment is made.

For your own designs, they must be in up to 3 solid spot colors. Design location must be only 1 either on the front or on the back. Maximum print size is 12 inch by 15 inch. You must provide us with print-ready original design file.

Intellectual Property
You must have all the necessary rights to print the designs (for your own designs). You must have all the necessary business permits to sell the t-shirts. You must hold us harmless from and against all losses, costs, liabilities, claims, damages and expenses of every kind resulting from copyright infringement of your products.

For repeat orders, shipping begins within 1 working day after your payment. For initial orders that require screen making, shipping begins within 2-3 working days after your payment.

We do not accept returns. We do not offer refund for the products that we already produced and shipped out. You must assign your own address as return address for your orders. If the orders are returned to us we ship them to your mailing address at your expense.

We never sell or use your designs in any ways other than printing for your orders. We never contact your customers directly. We never release you or your customer information to anyone other than shippers.

We reserve the right to approve/disapprove this application or revoke partnership due to any reasons or situations.

No Fixed Term
This partnership relation is ‘at will’ which means that either you or we may terminate the relation at any time; however, at least one week prior notice of termination is recommended.

We may update these conditions from time to time. Changes will be effective upon the posting of the changes. You are responsible for reviewing and becoming familiar with any changes. Your use of our services following the changes constitutes your acceptance of the updated conditions.
We "silk screen print" your t-shirts without minimum quantity requirement at the lowest possible price. High quality graphic designs and packing/drop-off services are included. We believe this is really good opportunity for sellers to start selling professional quality t-shirts with NO RISKS!


Not exactly. It's up to the partners what t-shirt designs to sell. Partners can resell our design t-shirts. Or, partners can sell their own design t-shirts only. Or they can sell theirs and ours together.
Yes, of course. It's your store. You have you own pricing, marketing and customers.
No. You do not own the designs. You can use them to sell graphic t-shirts to your customers. But the ownership of the designs belongs to us.


Our t-shirt is 170 peso each. This includes Gildan 100% cotton premium t-shirts, silk screen printed graphic design and packing. In case of your own designs, there will be initial screen fee for any newly sold designs which is 500 peso per screen. This includes wooden screen frame with exposed design mesh fabric. One screen is required per color for each design. Screen fee only occurs for the first time ordered designs. It does NOT occur for any repeated orders for that same design. Screen fee applies to both seller's own designs and our designs. Sellers own the screens for their own designs.
No. Our fee is for shirt, design, printing, packing/dropoff. You are responsible for the selection of shipper, shipping service, pickup. You are responsible for all the shipping costs including returns or failed delivery.


Wholesale minimum quantity is 5 pcs. This is combined total quantity.


In case of repeat orders for which we already have screens, orders are shipped out on the same day if the payment is made before 10 am. In case of new orders for which we have to make screens, orders are usually shipped out within 2 days after payment. Therefore, if you want faster order processing, we recommend that you order us to make screens in advance.
No. Our fee is for shirt, design, printing, packing/dropoff. You are responsible for the selection of shipper, shipping service, pickup. You are responsible for all the shipping costs including returns or failed delivery.

More information

Our print shop address is: #1 Bolivia Street, Don Bosco, Parañaque City 1711, Metro Manila, Philippines. For more information, please visit About us page.
Please watch this Introduction video below. If you have more questions, please post them in the COMMENTS section on every page. Use "Chat with us" feature on our website for live chatting with us. Send us Facebook messages. Or, just call us directly at 0908 583 7786.

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    Application submitted, any update po?

    1. Congratulations! You have become a partner seller! To manage your products and orders, please follow instructions on “TO-DO LIST” page.

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