JJ Single Press for 3 Point Registration and Multi Platens

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  • Simple and original line table system
  • Accurate registration with the lowest cost
  • Multi color and multi platen
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Advantages of our JJ Single Press:

  1. You can use any screens with 3 point registration systems(3 screws or 2 screw & center guide).
  2. This is the original line table press with high efficiency and low cost.
  3. Platens are removable or fixed. And platen registration is always the same even after re-installing it thanks to 3 platen registration brackets. Now you can continue printing the same screen until all the quantity is finished by just replacing the platens. And you can make your own diy platens as many as you want for bulk production.
  4. Built with heavy duty steel and high quality materials. Silk screen print like a pro for the most affordable price! No problems with plastisol inks or waterbased inks!
  • Original 3 point registration line table
  • Accurate registration with the lowest cost
  • Only requires a very small space
  • Commercial quality print quality
  • Heavy duty steel material for durability
  • Multiple platens for bulk production
  • Multiple screens for colorful prints
  • Online tutorials for our customers
  •  What’s included: 1 set of JJ Single Press (steel), 1 set of phenolic platen(15″x24″) with brackets (Screen frame is sold separately)
  • How to use: https://youtu.be/v-LddxAcHCI

Additional information

Weight5.5 kg
Dimensions60 × 40 × 30 cm

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With multi platens, you can print bulk orders with only one single press. You print one color at a time for all the shirts. This is especially efficient for waterbased inks because you can prevent ink in the screen from drying by continuously printing until all the shirts are printed for that color.
You can make your own platen with 1/2 inch thick plywood. You can also make platen registration brackets with sheet metal. Or, you can order the additional platens and brackets from us.
Micro registration is controlled by 3 point registration system on the frame. The 3 points will be held by the clamps and the registration will be maintained during printing.
Yes, you can make your own 3 point registration for your frames with screw nails. Or, you can purchase our Silk Screen Printing Registration Attachment for screen printing frames. Please note that the distance between left and right registration bolts is 12 inch max. For the middle registration, you can use either screw bolt or flat center guide.
Yes, COD (Cash On Delivery) is available for JJ Single Press.
No, what's included are single press steel frame and one wooden platen.


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