When buying shirts, aside from checking the quality of the fabric, we must also check what kind of print they used.

There two types of print:

  1. Silk Screen Print: This kind of print has a rough or smooth texture depending on what kind of paint is used but overall they have one thing in common: LONG-LASTING PRINT. It’ll last long as long as you follow their instruction on how to wash you shirt.
  2. Digital Print: As the name says, digital. This is a newer kind of print that has different types.  These types are Vinly, Light Transfer, Dark Transfer, sublimation and trending right now which is DTG (Direct to Garment). Vinly, Light and Drank transfer involves heat press. If you have this kind of printed shirt, it most likely won’t last long as it only depends on the adhesive of the materials used. The newer DTG might be the best choice right.

If you want long-lasting print, I suggest buying shirt with Silkscreen printed design. You can wear it for at least 5 years.

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